By Any Media Necessary: Mapping Youth and Participatory Politics

Project Background


Henry Jenkins's Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics (MAPP) project is comprised of a group of multidisciplinary scholars based at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. We were funded by the MacArthur Foundation to develop a series of case studies of innovative networks and organizations that have deployed tactics of 
participatory politics to get young people involved in efforts to heighten 
public awareness and promote social change. A series of individual reports on these networks and organizations were released through the MacArthur research network on Youth and Participatory Politics (YPP).
Meet members of the MAPP team here.

How and Why?

Working with our partners at USC, the School of Cinematic Arts Institute for Multimedia Literacy, MAPP created a project that translates MAPP research findings into an accessible and participatory digital media library. On one level, this media library provides resources that enhance and illustrate a MAPP authored book, By Any Media Necessary: Mapping Youth and Participatory Politics. On another level, this media archive is a tool which educators within high schools civics and composition classes, afterschool programs, college classes, and activists organizations can use to help students to master core skills necessary for effectively harnessing digital media tools and participatory politics practices towards changing the world. The library combines original media produced by activist groups, critical reflections from participants, and curricular resources and activities.


We have developed multimedia resources (and are testing a range of classroom practices) that will support scholars, students, and educators -- in school and out -- who want to help foster civic learning. We invite you to explore each of the paths, getting to know the research, people, organizations, and media artifacts that inspired this project.

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